My dear friends from abroad, this message is for you.
You may be living far from here and watch the Russian invasion on Ukraine from a distance.
It is confirmed that right now Putin is spending millions $$$ on the communication war trying to manipulate you and your countrymen. He wants to do that to make an impression that it’s not a real war, bring confusion to western European societies. His goal is to give your politicians an excuse to avoid imposing sanctions on Russia.
But what is the truth about the war?
1. Russia invaded Ukraine – a free, democratic state, who did nothing to provoke the invasion.
2. Putin is turning Russia into a bandit state which uses wars and military to solve international disputes.
3. What Putin really hopes is that western democracies repeat the mistakes from 1938. What was back then called “appeasement” led to WWII as nobody wanted to stop Hitler when it was still possible.
4. This just the beginning of Putin’s wars. Soon he will strike the European Union by attacking Latvia and other countries. So you will have the war whether you like it or not. The sooner we decide to stop this fascist of 21st century, then lower price we shall pay.
Krzysztof Rek
Open Kashubia Association Leader